Rich Newton

Director of Appraisal Services

Rich is well respected in the industry and brings a wealth of experience from the appraisal, financial and asset management sectors of the aviation industry. Prior to joining Axiom Aviation, Rich had a long and varied career in asset management for many financial institutions, including JPM Chase, Bank One, Bank of America and Security Pacific Bank.

At Chase he was the Aircraft Asset Manager for 17 years, overseeing a diverse portfolio of business jets, turboprops and helicopters. He was responsible for all internal asset valuations, regularly producing more than 250 reports a year, while managing a $4 billion aircraft portfolio. In his valuation career, he has evaluated a wide range of aircraft assets ranging from Boeing 777 airliners to single-seat crop dusters.

Accreditation and an Eye for Aircraft Value

Rich provides opinions for Axiom’s clients related to current values, residual forecasts, age life analysis, portfolio concentration reviews, diminution of value analysis and market segment analysis. He has also contributed industry review articles for publication.

Rich is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (Aircraft Specific) with the American Society of Appraisers. He has been a regular speaker at conferences, including those staged by the ASA, HAI Heli Expo, Bombardier, National Aircraft Finance Association and others. He is also an instructor for the ASA Aircraft Appraisal course and a member of the HAI Finance & Leasing Committee.

From the West Coast to the Midwest

Rich has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oregon State University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Oregon. He lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.