2013 CHALLENGER 300 For Sale


Serial Number 20403
Registration N546AD
2713 Hours, 1282 Landings
10 Passenger Interior in Excellent Condition
Datalink (VDL Mode 2) with Link 2000+ (CPDLC)
Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi System
ADS-B Out (DO 260B Compliant)
Pocket Door separating Galley from Cabin

2013 CHALLENGER 300 Floorplan

Airframes & Engines

2713 hours


Certification Date: 05-16-2013
Aircraft Home Base: Cleveland, OH (KCGF)
Maintenance Tracking: CAMP

Honeywell HTF 7000

Serial Number: P118951
Total Time: 2713
Total Cycles: 1292

Serial Number: P118952
Total Time: 2713
Total Cycles: 1290

Engine Program Coverage: JSSI

GTCP36-150 (BD)
Serial Number: P-516
Total Time Since New: 2775 Hours

Avionics & Equipment

This Challenger 300 features Rockwell Collins Proline 21 avionics package.

Type of Units / Description / Quantity

Integrated Standby Instrument (ISI) / Thales Avionque / Single
Iridium Transceiver / ICG ICS-220A / Single
Lamp Driver Unit / Rockwell Collins LDU-4000 / Single
Maintenance Diagnostic Computer (MDC) / Rockwell Collins MDC-4110 / Single
ADS B-Out Compliant (DO 260B) / Rockwell Colling TDR-94D / Dual
Options Control Module (OCM) Datalink & 3D MAP / Rockwell Collins OCM-3100 / Dual
Radio Altimeter Receiver/Transmitter / Rockwell CollinsALT-4000 / Single
Radio Interface Unit (RIU) with CMU & SELCAL / Rockwell Collins RU-4100 / Single
Radio Interface Unit (RIU) with SELCAL / Rockwell Collins RIU-4100 / Single
Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) / L3 Communications RIPS CVR / Single
Remote Data Concentrator (RDC) / Rockwell Collins RDC-5000 / Single
Stall Protection Computer (SPC) / Rockwell Collins SPC-5000 / Single
Terrain Awareness & Warning System (TAWS) / MK-VIII EGPWS Rockwell Collins (Honeywell) / Single
Traffic & Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS) / TCAS II Change 7.1 TTR-4000 / Single
Turbulence Weather Radar Transmitter/Antenna / Rockwell Collins RTA-854 / Single
VHF Comm Transceiver / Rockwell Collins VHG-4000 8.33 Voice & Data / Single
VHF Comm Transceiver / Rockwell Collins VHF-4000 with 8.33 kHz Voice / Dual
VOR/ILS/MKR Receiver / Rockwell Collins BAV-4500 / Single
VOR/ILS/MKR/ADF Receiver / Rockwell Collins NAV-4000 / Single
WAAS Global Position System (GPS) Receiver / Rockwell Collins GPS-4000S / Dual
Adaptive Flight Display (AFD) / Rockwell Collins AFD-5220E / Dual
Adaptive Flight Display (AFD – EICAS V6.0) / Rockwell AFD-5220 / Dual
Air Data Computer / Rockwell Collins ADC-3000 / Dual
Attitude Heading Computer (AHC) / Rockwell Collins AHC-3000 / Dual
Audio Control Panel (ACP) / Rockwell Collins ACP-5200 / Dual
Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) / L3 Communications / Single
Data Concentrator Computer (DCU) / Rockwell Collins DCU-5000 / Single
Database Loading Unit (DBU) / Rockwell Collin DBU-5000 / Single
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) / Rockwell Collins DME-4000 / Dual
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) / ARTEX C406N with Nav Interface / Single
External Compensation Unit (ECU) / Rockwell Collins ECU-3000 / Dual
Flight Data Recorder (DFR) / L3 Communications FA-2100 / Single
Flight Guidance Computer (FGC) / EICAS – V6.0 – Rockwell Collins FGD-3002 / Dual
Flight Management System (FMS) / Rockwell Collins FMC-5000 W/V Speeds / Dual
Flux Detector Unit (FDU) / Rockwell Collins FDC-3000 / Dual
FMS Control Display Unit / Rockwell Collins CDU-5200 / Dual
GPS Clock/Chronometer / Smith Industries CLK / Single
Heat Current Monitor (HCM) / Rosemount Aerospace Inc. HTR-MON / Dual
HF Antenna Coupler / Rockwell Collins HF-9041 / Dual
HF Comm Transceiver / Rockwell Collins HF-9031A / Dual
IAPS Environmental Controller (IEC) / Rockwell Collins IEC-3000 / Single
Input / Output Concentrator (IOC) / Rockwell Collins IOC-3100 / Dual
Integrated Flight Instrument System / Rockwell Collins FSU-5010 / Dual

Datalink (CDL Mode 2) with Link 2000+ and Initium Interface
Lightning Detection System (LDS)
Enhanced Map Overlays
Dual IFIS File Servers
Dual FMS V Speeds
Radar Turbulence Weather Option
Lightning Detection

Interior & Exterior

Lufthansa NICE Cabin Electronic System
One (1) Galley Touch Screen Panel
One (1) VIP Touch Screen Panel
Wireless Telephone Cabin Handset
115V/60Hz Utility Universal Electrical Outlets
PSU (Passenger Service Units) at each seat
Audio Control Panel at each seat
Two (2) Magazine Racks
High Gloss Wood Veneer Cabinetry
Pocket Door separating Galley from Cabin
Lavatory with under-sink Vanity Cabinet

Airshow 4000 Next-Gen Inflight Mapping
DVD/CD Player
Two (2) 20-inch LCD Monitors
GoGo Business Aviation Avance L3 Wi Fi System

The Challenger 300 interior arrangement provided accommodation for two pilots in the cockpit and then (10) passengers in the cabin (including belted lavatory). The seat belt for the lavatory has been removed per an STC from Duncan Aviation. This can be re-installed when operationally required. A new Travertine floor was installed in the entry way and Lavatory area.

The cabin is divided into forward and aft compartments. In the read of the aircraft is a vanity room/belted lavatory, which also provides cabin access to the baggage compartment.

Forward Cabin – four (4) single seats & two (2) bi-fold retractable executive tables
Aft left-side three (3) place Divan
Aft right-side two (2) single seats & one (1) bi-fold retractable executive table

Stainless Steel Ice Drawer
Trash Compartment
Two (2) hot liquid Containers
Aircraft Certified Microwave-Oven
Coffee Maker & Tray

LINK 2000+ (CPDLC)
TCAS 7.1

2013 CHALLENGER 300 Floorplan

These specifications are presented as introductory information only. They do not constitute representations or warranties of any kind. Accordingly, purchaser should rely on your own inspection of this aircraft. This aircraft availability is subject to prior sale, and/or removal from market.