Accurately assessing the value of corporate aircraft is a difficult task. Our technical experts and value analysts assist with this complex process. From market conditions, demand and recent activity, to airframe and engine status and condition, inspection status, damage history and log book condition, we look at all aspects of aircraft value and then deliver a report that is clear, accurate and reliable.

All appraisal services are under the direction of Rich Newton, an Accredited Senior Appraiser/ Aircraft Specific with the American Society of Appraisers. Rich brings two decades of aircraft appraisal experience and 30 years work in the financial services industry to bear on each project.

Well known in aviation circles, he has been a frequent guest speaker at industry events including ASA, NAFA, Bombardier and Heli Expo gatherings. He has also taught the ASA aircraft appraisal course, and has completed more than $20 billion of aircraft appraisals in his career.

Axiom Aviation provides a full range of valuation services for businesses, financial institutions and individuals, including:
  • Full appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals
  • Residual forecasting
  • Market studies
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Diminution of value analysis
  • Useful life analysis
  • Special projects

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