Aircraft Consulting Services

Aircraft buyers, sellers, financial institutions and insurers consistently seek Axiom Aircraft’s consulting services. Our expertise saves you time and money by ensuring that you are starting with a good strategic foundation as you look ahead to the long-range utilization of your individual aircraft or corporate fleet.

Broad Perspective on the Total Ownership Experience

Our hands-on experience with refurbishments, completions and inspections gives us a broad perspective on the total ownership experience. In fact, one major OEM revised its completions procedures to conform to the best practices that we have established. And because we’ve overseen such a large number of buy-sell transactions, we understand all the nuances of bringing good deals together and avoiding unnecessary problems in the transaction process.


At Axiom Aviation, we work with you to structure the most advantageous financing available for your new plane. Our process involves a thorough evaluation of financing and leasing options from a select group of experienced providers. Plus, we have a trusted network of aircraft financing companies as well as title and insurance providers. Our goal is not simply to deliver an airplane, but to provide a complete aircraft solution.

Charter Service

An excellent way to maximize the value of your aircraft assets is to make them available for chartering. We provide proven advice on how best to leverage the availability of your plane to your financial advantage. Then we connect you with the most reputable charter companies in the industry. And as your own utilization evolves, we help you revise your strategy accordingly.


“For over 15 years, we have contracted with Mike Herchick and his team at Axiom Aviation to assist us with several projects including buying and selling business jets, pre-purchase inspections, and multi-million-dollar refurbishments. They have also acted as project managers and consultants. In every case, their hard work and expertise have saved us far more than their fees. I know of no other organization with the integrity of Axiom. I give my strongest recommendation to the Axiom team!”

–Director of Aviation, Fortune 500 Company

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