The most successful organizations in any industry are those that can identify and amplify synergies. Axiom Aviation is a company built on the extensive experience and complementary skill sets of a number of industry veterans.

The Merger—Axiom Aviation, Inc. was formed in 2004 from the merger of Andy Toy Aircraft Sales and Aircraft Completion Management, Inc. Andy Toy joined forces with Mike Herchick to offer best-in-class services for all aircraft transitional events out of one office. The company soon had a reputation for unrivaled expertise in aircraft sales, acquisitions and completion management services.

The Founders—The management team at Axiom Aviation has the experience, integrity and proven track record to guide an industry-leading company and provide clients with exceptional service.

Andy Toy formed Andy Toy Aircraft Sales, Inc., in 2002. The company specialized in the sale of quality pre-owned corporate jets and turboprop aircraft. Previously, Andy had held management positions with both Flight Options and Miller Aviation for a total of 30 in the aviation industry. Andy holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Citation type rating and a Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings, and has over 9,000 hours in the air.

Mike Herchick founded Aircraft Completion Management, Inc., in 2002. The company provided precise and comprehensive guidance to owners as their aircraft proceeded through completions and refurbishments. Mike previously held management positions at Fairchild, KC Aviation, Gulfstream and Flight Options. Mike is an experienced aircraft mechanic and holds a private pilot’s license.

The Company Today—Axiom Aviation is located at the Cuyahoga County Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, and specializes in the acquisition and sales of corporate jets and turboprop aircraft. Our staff of professionals also provides management and consulting services for aircraft completions, pre-purchase inspections, refurbishments and modifications.

At Axiom, we are committed to earning the trust of, and building long-term relationships with, all of our clients. Providing superior service that exceeds expectations is the mission of the company and at the core of all we do.

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