Aircraft Audit Inspections

Axiom’s Aircraft Audit Inspections are specifically designed for those who are considering the purchase of an aircraft, have a need to evaluate an aircraft’s condition for an appraisal or preparing for return of your aircraft from lease. Having decades of experience auditing aircraft, Axiom will travel to the aircraft and perform a thorough review of the aircraft’s maintenance records and detailed review of the interior and exterior condition.

Axiom also spends considerable time reviewing maintenance tracking reports to generate a summary of the status as well as various databases for any incidents or documented damage. We follow up this review with a comprehensive report designed around the particular needs of our client. Axiom can expand on our review and report as desired by our clients for their particular purpose. Our continual repeat client base is a testament to the details we convey from our review and the quality of our audit reports.

2008 Cessna Citation XLS
2001 Cessna Citation X
2008 Gulfstream G150
2006 Cessna Sovereign
2006 Gulfstream G200
1992 Gulfstream GIV
2009 Dassault Falcon 2000 LX
2007 Bombardier Challenger 300
2005 Bombardier Challenger 300
1996 Cessna Citation VII
2007 Dassault Falcon 2000 EX EASy
2006 Cessna Citation X
2005 Bombardier Learjet 40
1995 Embraer EMB-120ER
2007 Beechcraft King Air 350
2007 Bombardier Lear 40XR
1988 Cessna Citation III

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